Jerry Fristoe | Managing Member, Sr. Project Manager

Jerry Fristoe

Managing Member, Sr. Project Manager

My roofing experience started around 1986 with A-Top Roofing, INC.

Hometown: Houston, TX

Education: University of Houston

Favorite Pastimes: Hunting with my sons, camping, skiing, reading and spending time with my family.

Something Funny: Being from Texas originally, I like to barbeque. When I first moved to Colorado years ago, the first few times I fired up the smoker, my neighbors called the Fire Department thinking our house was on fire!


Teresa Fristoe | Managing Member, Office Manager

Teresa Fristoe

Managing Member, Office Manager

Hometown: Houston, TX

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M 1990 and Master’s Degree from University of Houston 1998

Favorite Pastimes: hiking the front range, skiing, Krav Maga, coffee with friends, exploring new places

Funny Story: The first time I jumped out of an airplane, I did not pull my ripcord. I get confused with left/right sometimes and falling at a rate of 1000 feet every six seconds, my brain could not sort it out. I kept trying to pull the emergency chute instead (on the left side of the rig instead of the right.) Thankfully at 2500 feet, my jumpmaster ended up pulling my ripcord for me! For the next six months, I sported the Michael Jackson look with one white glove on my “pull” hand. To this day, my jumpmaster never fails to ask his students if they have trouble with right and left!

Adam Esparza | Project Manager

Adam Esparza

Project Manager

Hometown: Fresno, California

Education: U.S. Army Reserve, Military Police Advanced Ind. Training, CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator Wizard

Favorite Pastime: climbing mountains and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors

Funny Story: One time while hiking down the Incline at a rapid pace (A steep hill in Manitou, CO), I tripped and fell about 10 feet. Minus the bruises and minor cuts, I was alright and it’s a funny image to remember.

Vincent Kaiser | Project Manager

Vincent Kaiser

Project Manager

Hometown: Fountain, CO

Education: Fountain Fort Carson High School, United States Military Police School

Favorite Pastimes: Hunting, fishing, snowboarding, camping, and playing sports

Vincent currently serves in the US Army at Fort Carson as Military Police.

Tamara Smith | Marketing Coordinator and Production Assistant

Tamara Smith

Marketing Coordinator and Production Assistant

Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas

Education: Kansas State

Favorite Pastime: basketball, singing, spending time outdoors with my family

Funny Memory: One of my earliest memories is my family going to see a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition. Meadowlark Lemon picked me out of the crowd, put me on top of his head, and “flew” me around the entire basketball court like an airplane. At the time I remember being horrified as the entire crowd roared with laughter while I was being held up high in the air by nothing less than a giant! I now find it hilarious and one of my favorite memories.

John Mayo | Project Manager

John Mayo

Project Manager

Hometown: Upstate New York

Education: in Upstate New York

Favorite Pastime: target shooting and hiking

Funny Story: So, I have never been a great bowler at anytime or at any place. Some friends, my wife and I decided to go bowling. Now, I knew that I was a terrible bowler, however my competitive nature forgets about that. My wife had just thrown the first ball down the alley and I was next. I was watching a man in the next lane throw a strike after strike, so I decided to follow suite and do what he did. What I noticed about the man was his footing, I noticed that he sort of, swung his one leg behind the other one, maybe giving him some kind of balance. Well, I went up to the alley, "confident" in my abilities, swung my back leg around the other one and went for it, however it was far from a fluent motion and tripped over my own foot. The good news was I knocked down majority of the pins, the bad news, it wasn't my lane...

Josiah Waggoner | Project Manager

Josiah Waggoner

Project Manager

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education: Home School, Electrical Apprentice

Favorite Pastime: backpacking, camping, making YouTube Videos and spending time with my wife

"Funny Now" Story: I went on a much anticipated elk hunt in 2009, and did not see a single elk the entire time. It ended up being nothing more than a week long walk, tiptoeing silently through the frozen woods weighted down with a heavy backpack and gear.

Jeff Arnold | Project Manager

Jeff Arnold

Project Manager

Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Education: IT Associates Degree Southwest Louisiana College, Bachelors of Science from Charis Bible College

Favorite Pastime: taking a long ride on a gorgeous blue sky day on my Harley Davidson

Funny "Yes, I Really Did" Story: In college I heard about an opportunity to travel to England to see the Beatles. It sounded like a good deal to me. I needed to take one additional class, so I signed up for a piano class. Never having played the piano before, I didn't find the class interesting and never returned after the first session. Much to my dismay, I found out the last day of the semester that there was a mandatory recital to pass the class. I decided I did not want to fail (and I did want to see the Beatles), so I sat down at the piano and banged randomly and loudly on the keys for the required number of minutes, all this in front of the founder of the university. I got a B and packed my bags for England!

Ryan Laurence | Project Manager

Ryan Laurence

Project Manager

Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Education: Charis Bible College with focus on Business, Licensed Minister, Licensed Electrician, Served 6 years in the US Army as a Radar Technician, stationed in South Korea, Alabama and Georgia

Favorite Pastime: exploring new technology and electronics, building sound systems

Funny Story: When I was a kid in Louisiana, my uncle and I were shooting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. He let me light an artillery shell, and I took off running before the blast. I put enough distance between me and the blast, but unfortunately I never got to see it go off. I was looking back at the artillery shell when I ran right off the dock into the river. I ended up timing my big splash perfectly with the blast of color above me.

Garrett Ericksen | Project Manager

Garrett Ericksen

Project Manager

Hometown: Flagler Beach, FL

Education: Associate Degree in Biblical studies, Certified Home Inspector, Certainteed Master Shingle Applicator and Wizard

Favorite Pastime: I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, sailing and visiting foreign places.

Funny Story: I grew up in Florida where my father was a Marine contractor who built docks, seawalls, boat houses and marina's. One time while in high school I tried to hide my report card by putting it in a bottle and throwing it into the river. Guess who's job site it washed up on?

Zac Bowling | Project Manager

Zac Bowling

Project Manager

Hometown: Findlay, OH

Education: Berean School of Theology, Terra Technical College, CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator

Favorite Pastime: Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting and spending quality time with family

Funny Story: A few years back I got a call from my wife Becky urging me to come home immediately. I was not quite prepared for what I saw. Three of my grandkids had removed the plug from my waterbed and were jumping off the headboard squealing with laughter each time the water sprayed up to ceiling. Gotta love their ingenuity! Good thing I know how to do sheetrock and painting!

Ben Buchholz

Ben Buchholz

Project Manager

Hometown: Born and raised in Colorado

Education: Smoky Hill High School

Favorite Pastime: What I enjoy the most as a hobby is riding dirt bikes and snow boarding.

Personal Fact: I grew up spending the summers camping and dirt biking in Deckers Colorado at Rampart Range with my family and all our friends. I plan on teaching my four children how to share the camp fire and how to chase each other in the dust on dirt bikes as well. Growing up riding with my family, if any one of us ever got enough ahead of the other on the trail; we would stop at the next mud puddle and wait for the other to come around the bend. When the time was right, a hand full of throttle and a back knobby tire full of mud would always lighten the day. Whether you were getting sprayed by mud or doing the spraying; it didn’t matter. Connection with my family and friends has always been very important to me. That’s why I enjoy roofing and sales; the people, the connection, new friends made. God is Good.