Missing Roof Shingles

Missing Roof Shingles

Missing and torn roof shingles are the first signs of roof damage. It’s important to inspect the shingles to see if there is more extensive damage under your roof. If caught early it’s easy to repair the missing and torn shingles. Failure to act quickly can cause extensive roof damage and may necessitate a total roof replacement.

Repairing Missing and Torn Roof Shingles

Leaks in your roof are not always easily detected. Missing and torn shingles provide a very easy entry way for water to saturate your roof and start serious damage. If you can see stains on your ceilings and walls; there is usually severe water damage. That water has been able to penetrate your attic insulation and sheet rock! Left unchecked this could lead to a very serious mold problem. Mold can be very toxic to your family’s health-so if you suspect a problem why not call us out for a free roof inspection.

Best Roof Repair

Integrity Roofing prides itself on early detection of water damage. Our professionally trained roofers can inspect your roof for torn and missing shingles and recommend the necessary course of action. We are also experts in helping you file the insurance claims and being your advocate.

Contact our Missing Roof Shingles Professionals at Integrity Roofing today to make an appointment!