How Long Do I have to File a Hail Damage Claim?

The best time to file a claim is immediately after a storm in which you suspect there is damage to your roof. I recently interviewed over ten different insurance claims offices specifically to notate their cut off dates. What I found was that most companies did not have a specific number of months or days in which to file the claim, but wanted the insured to call them “as soon as possible.” They wanted their insured to mitigate against further loss to protect their investment as well as the homeowners.
While there is a cutoff date by which to complete repairs once the damages are assessed by the insurance adjuster in order to recover the depreciation, the vast majority of companies could not give me a set number of days in which to initiate a claim.
The longer a roof or home goes without inspection, the more exposed it is to the premature deterioration caused by hail penetrations and or high winds.  Roof leaks can lead to expensive interior damages months after a storm. The visible markings of the hail or wind that the insurance adjuster uses to document roof or siding damage can become less prominent over time. It becomes more difficult, but not impossible, to document actual storm damage when one waits to file a claim. 
It is a good idea to have the roof inspected by your roofer to confirm damages and then file the claim immediately after. If the storm is large scale, it can take weeks to even months to get an inspection from an insurance adjuster scheduled.
If your home was hit by the July 2009 hails storm, is it too late to file a claim? Officially no with most insurance companies, but the chance of being able to document that damage is very slim. If your home was hit by the July 2010 storm, there is still a very good chance the evidence of damages will be readily visible to your insurance adjuster who will have to be able to document why he or she is buying you a new roof. We are getting calls almost and replacing roofs weekly regarding damages from last summer’s haiI storm. No matter how old the damage is, it is better to have representation (in the form of your roofer) at the meetings to go over the damages with the adjuster and discuss specifics with the insurance representative at the time of the inspection. This is one of the many aspects of insurance claims assistance offered by Integrity Roofing and Painting.

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