major roof damage from wind

High Winds Cause Roof Damage in Denver

High Winds Cause Roof Damage in Denver

The temperature changes that have come with the seasonal transitions between winter and spring have caused some turmoil in the skies. The combining hot and cold fronts have caused serious wind storms that are only worsened by the Rocky Mountains in our backyard. These three elements make for windy spring seasons, but this one has been very severe. Parts of the state have seen 100 mile per hour winds at some points. To put it into perspective, the most mild tornadoes have winds ranging from 70-90 miles per hour. Most of the state has seen 55 mile per hour winds, but others across the front range have seen much higher. These winds have been coming in mostly in gusts, and not consistent, which is what differentiates these winds from actual tornadoes. At any rate, however, these winds are causing serious damage to homes across the state. Although this blog is time sensitive the fact of the matter is every year storms pummel Colorado causing significant amounts of roof damage. Denver roofing contractors are continually assisting homeowners that have experienced roof damage from high winds and hailstorms. wind damage to roof


Top 3 Types of Roof Damage Due to High Winds

There are several things that are contributing to roof damage when these storms occur. These three types of damage caused by high winds created a lot of roof damage in Denver.

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