Colorado Springs Home with new roof by Integrity Roofing & Painting

Sign of the times?

  I left the door disappointed while another homeowner shuts their door frustrated.  This had not been the case a few years ago. Amazing …

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Colorado Client Testimonials

Colorado Client Testimonials I want to tell you about one of the many Colorado Roofing clients that I had great joy working with lives …

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How to file your roof claim

Insurance companies, Roofers and agents agree that the first thing to do after a major hailstorm is to mitigate against further damage. If the …

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As you may already know T-lock shingles are not available any longer. There was a time when an obscure lumber yard had a few …

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Shingle wind rating exposed

ASTM D 3161 CLASSIFICATION FOR WIND RATING IMPORTANT FOR HIGH WIND AREAS IN COLORADO The wind speed requirements for asphalt shingles are located in …

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