Roof Replacement "We make  easy!"

Many Denver and Colorado Springs homeowners will replace their roof this year due to storm damage from hail and wind. Others will replace their roof because it is no longer serviceable. If you have experienced a hailstorm or high winds, we suggest having your roof inspected. Many roofing companies in Colorado Springs and roofing companies in Denver offer free inspections by salesmen; however, we have inspectors certified by HAAG Engineering. In order to determine whether or not you have actual storm damage, we highly recommend the services of a company with certified roof inspectors. Functional hail damage can lead to leaks from fractured and punctured shingles. Missing shingles from high winds compromise the roof system and create vulnerability to interior damage. Some roofs will need to be replaced because they have surpassed their life expectancy and others because of storm damage. In either case, contact us for your free inspection.

Start with a Free Inspection

In some instances you will know right away if you need a roof replacement. You may discover after a weather event with sustained high winds, many shingles from your roof are littering your yard. At other times drywall along the ceiling or walls show signs of moisture damage. Sometimes hail damage is the least obvious and requires a trained inspector to view the shingles while on the roof itself. Having an expert inspect your roof should be FREE and will allow you the confidence of knowing the true condition of your roof. At Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC you will not pay for a roof inspection on your home.

When Insurance is Part of the Equation

If it has been determined through your free roof inspection that you need a roof replaced due to storm damage, you may choose to file an insurance claim. As your local Colorado roofing contractor, our experienced field and office staff is available to work simultaneously with you and your insurance carrier to provide assistance with the entire insurance claims process in order to make it as smooth as possible from the beginning to the end. Oddly enough, when insurance is involved, the actual roof replacement is the simplest part of our roofing services. More time is spent behind the scenes processing of the claim than the physical project itself. Our project manager meets with your assigned insurance adjuster on your roof and subsequently reviews the claim summary to confirm the adjuster has included all the components and correct class and square footage of shingles. If a discrepancy is found, we notify you and then discuss this with your insurance company prior to the build so that they have the opportunity to provide a fair settlement. When needed, our office provides the proper documentation to you for a mortgage company endorsement on your insurance check. Roofing permits are secured with the proper governmental agency. The preselected roofing materials are ordered and then delivered by our vendor right onto your roof top. Then the big day arrives. Our installers remove the existing, damaged or worn out roof and using our Integrity Roof System install a beautiful new roof in its place! Once the roof repair is complete, the entire work area is thoroughly cleaned and the inspection is ordered with the building department. Our project managers are involved in each step of the process and, of course, are available to oversee the roof replacement itself. Our office will then assist in recovering any depreciation that has been withheld by the insurance company. Because our project managers oversee the entire project, they are motivated to work closely with you to expedite this detailed process without unnecessary delays. The end result is a beautiful new roof obtained through excellent customer service by our dedicated field and office staff. WE MAKE ROOF REPLACEMENTS EASY!

Hail damage before roof replacement

Drone footage of a recent roof installation in King's Deer, Monument, Colorado with Certainteed Landmark cottage red shingles. The exterior of this home with its neutral colored stucco and the red roof creates a striking appearance. If you're in the market for a shingle color that will transform the appearance of your home, this product is one to consider.consider.