Roofing Warranty

1.     What is the purpose of the warranty?
•    The labor warranty addresses a homeowners’ fear that the roof might leak
•    The labor warranty addresses a homeowners’ concern that the shingles might blow off in high winds
•    The contractor needs to be accountable for his installation
•    The roof system needs to be weather tested

2.    How long is sufficient to test the reliability of the roof system?
•    Two full years is adequate to test the roof through all four weather seasons

3.    What is Integrity Roofing and Painting’s labor warranty?
•    Two  Year labor warranty

4.    Why do you give a Two Year labor warranty?
•    If the roof system had any faulty areas it would be revealed within two years
•    If the roof could leak it would have leaked within two years
•    If any shingle was incorrectly installed it would have lifted in high winds within that time period
•    If any flashing, vent pipe, chimney flashing or vents were defective it would be apparent within two years
•    A Two Year weather window is a reasonable time period to test the materials and installation for defects

We hold ourselves to high standards. All of our roofs are installed by trained technicians. The warranty is for your peace of mind. It is unlikely that you would need to use your warranty. We will be here for you no matter what!
Manufacturers provide product warranties as well!