Rain and Water Damage

Rain & Water Damage Roof Repairs

Water from rain, snow and hail can cause damage to your roof if it sneaks under your roof shingles. The moisture can collect on your roof and decks-leading to damage and rot if left unchecked. in additon, the moisture can lead to mold which can casue long term damage to your family’s health. 

New Roof Replacement Experts

Rain can invade your roof in any number of ways. Exposed roof nails, previous wind damage, hail damage, and flashing deterioration all provide avenues for rain and water to seep into your roofing materials. While roof flashing is designed to keep wind-driven rain and moisture from penetrating seams on your roof, any small flaw or deterioration of flashing will allow water to leak into your home.

Licensed Roofers

Left unchecked, rain or water can damage the frame of your house and cause harmful mold, mildew, and ultimately rotted-wood problems. If you think your roof might have sustained damage, you should have your roof thoroughly inspected  for new roof warning signs by one of our expert roofing inspectors at Integrity Roofing Contractors before added damage occurs in your home.

If your roof has sustained damage, it is wise to replace the entire roof and not just try to repair parts of it because the water damage can spread and cause leaks to appear again and again. Water and rain damage can result in home damage that spreads exponentially, so an entire replacement can eliminate the need to have your roof in a constant state of repair.

If you suspect that your roof has been compromised by water or rain, contact Rain & Water Roof Damage Repair Experts at integrity Roofing Contractors for your free roof inspection.