Roof Hail Damage

How Do I Know If My Roof Has Been Damaged By Hail?

It goes without saying that not every roof sustains significant damage from a single hail storm or high wind incident. Roofing companies in Colorado Springs know that our homes are vulnerable to accumulative storm damages over time. At times, however, the hail is large and hard enough to damage even a brand new roof. No roof system is completely hail proof.

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Most of the time hail damage to asphalt shingles is not visible from a ground inspection. It requires a trained professional to climb on the roof and perform the inspection from there. You can enter your contact information below or call our office today to schedule an appointment. We can have one of our highly trained professionals on your roof within hours. You won’t have to wait to know the status of your roof.

It is helpful to keep in mind that while the evidence of hail damage is immediately visible to our trained inspectors, the results of hail damage are not always immediate. First of all, leaks do not typically occur the day of the storm. Leaks resulting from punctured and or fractured shingles may go undetected but still cause damage. In addition, large hailstones may bruise the asphalt shingles so that the life expectancy of the roof is shortened.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection After a Hail Storm?

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The good news is that with us, it doesn’t cost you anything to find out! We are ready and standing by to inspect your roof and give you a free, honest evaluation of the condition of your roof. We will never try to sell you a roof replacement you don’t need. If your roof system is in good condition, we will be happy to share the good news with you! If your roof has sustained damage, we have expert project managers, installers and knowledgeable office team members to serve and assist you through the process of restoring your property. Our recommendation is for you to contact us to evaluate the condition of your roof.

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