Understanding Insurance Restoration Contractors

Insurance Restoration Contractors

While you are qualifying a contractor, the contractor is qualifying you.  Most contractors are looking for a win-win situation.  If you are difficult and unreasonable over the phone, most contractors will not look at your project.  If a consumer demands that the contractor do a drive-by inspection while no one is at home, the professional will decline.  A professional re-roofing contractor will respect your time and intelligence and expect the same from you.

Before qualified insurance restoration contractors request a meeting you will be asked a few questions. It is necessary for both the contractor and owner to take the time to discuss exactly what each person expects from each other. This should take place during the initial phone call or email.  If this process is being rushed most professionals will not take the time to look at the project.  The contractor or receptionist will often place your call on a low level of priorities.

Why no Bid?

Insurance Restoration Contractors

Many homeowners become frustrated when contractors refuse to bid their project.  There are several reasons why a contractor refuses to bid a project.  If a contractor determines that you are price shopping, and not ready to do the project, they may feel like it is not worth their time to bid your project.  If you have filed an insurance claim, the insurance restoration contractor will want to negotiate the scope and price with the insurance carrier.  Initially they will not give an estimate to the homeowner.  They will provide a full service package rather than a one-time estimate for a roof replacement.
The difference between a Roofing company and an Independent Insurance Restoration Roof contractor is tremendous.  A Roofer will bid your job and typically compete on price.   Roofers offer a turnkey roof job only.  A qualified Independent Insurance Restoration contractor will offer a solution to the entire insurance replacement process.  This contractor will offer to file the claim, prepare a roof assessment, meet with the adjuster, secure total roof replacement, negotiate with the insurance carrier, install the roof and provide credit until the final payment is sent from the insurance carrier.
If you are comfortable with this arrangement you will be asked to sign a contingency agreement.  Your only responsibility will be to pay your deductible. There is no need to get 3-bids. A legitimate insurance restoration contractor will provide you with a roof replacement scope listing all the components that are to be replaced.  The estimate is provided to the insurance company and negotiations take place between the contractor and the insurance adjuster.

Most professional independent insurance restoration roofers deliver a win-win situation as they are allowed to negotiate with the carrier to get paid present day fair market value. The homeowner gets a high quality roof and doesn’t have to settle for something less. The homeowner pays their deductible. This is the best solution for everyone.