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If you live in the Monument area and have had hail at your home, CLICK HERE for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION from a local roofing company that knows Monument well.

We all know that normal wear and tear on a roof may eventually lead to a roof repair or a roof replacement. However, in Monument wind damage, accumulated snow, and hail damage can significantly decrease the life span of your roof. Its unique placement on the Palmer Divide results in a dramatic weather system with stronger winds and more snow on average than Colorado Springs and Denver. FOX 21 News is a great source for checking dangerous weather conditions like hail storms and blizzard conditions in the 80132 and 80133 zip codes.

Some Colorado Springs roofing companies can overlook the Tri Lakes area and the effects of weather on the roof systems here. As a Monument Roofing Company, we understand firsthand the effects of these weather patterns and we know how to build the right roof system for high winds and heavy snows that we experience.

Cedar Roofs and Fire Mitigation

While weather is the most obvious threat to roofs in the Tri-Lakes Area, there is another threat that is sometimes overlooked. The flammability of the cedar shake roofs, especially in the heavily treed like Woodmoor, Arrowwood, Bent Tree  and Palmer Lake Communities, makes our homes extremely vulnerable to fires like the Waldo Canyon Fire and Black Forest Fires. Our own office was on evacuation notice as these fires ravished our community. The Tri Lakes Fire Department strongly urges homeowners to consider replacing cedar shake roofs with a Class A Fire Rated Roof System.  Some major insurance companies are denying coverage or requiring riders for residential policies with cedar shake roofs in our area due to the historic fires. We have had a few wet winters and monsoon seasons which have helped tremendously, but we should not become over confident that we are out of danger for future wild fires. Before a fire threatens is the best time to replace a cedar roof.  Our roofing experts can discuss options for Class A Fire Rated Roof Systems and which would be best suitable for your specific home.

In addition to replacing many cedar shake roofs for our neighbors, our company along with our family members, friends and a local church has had the privilege of doing two volunteer fire mitigation projects for two widows in our community. We were able to work closely with the fire marshal who identified these two members of our community as being in need of fire mitigation and unable to do it themselves.  We cleared the immediate area around their homes of highly flammable brush and trees and trimmed the trees in their zone 2 area. We have gained new friends through our mitigation projects and enjoy giving to our community in a tangible way.

Effects of Elevation

Even the elevation in Monument creates additional challenges for our roof systems. Because the elevation in Monument varies from roughly 6500 to 7500 feet, there are additional considerations to keep in mind for our Monument residents who are undertaking roof replacements. Ice dams are formed when accumulated snow remains on the roof for several days cycling through a thawing/refreezing process. This can cause shingles to raise up and water to seep under the shingles resulting in expensive water damage to the interior of the home. Homes along HW 105 with heavy tree cover are especially vulnerable to this destructive pattern.  It is critical to use a quality ice and water shield to help guard against damage caused by ice dams. Special codes regarding the use of ice and water shield are put into place by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department for homes over 7000 ft. As a Monument roofing company, we are very familiar with these codes and install quality products that meet or exceed these codes.

If you suspect damage from wind or hail or have a cedar shake roof you would like to replace, Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC would like to offer you a free roof inspection. Regardless if you need a free roof inspection or a total roof replacement, the Monument roofing experts stand ready to help you. As member of the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to serving the Tri-Lakes Area and look forward to serving you.

For more information, read the following article: Fire Hazards, Cedar Shakes & Wood Shingled Roofs in which we have included a helpful video of our fire marshal discussing this topic taken at a Woodmoor Association meeting.

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