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Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is a licensed, established roofing company locally serving beautiful Colorado Springs and the entire Front Range area. We strive to be the top roofer in Colorado Springs and work hard to ensure your experience and satisfaction is always exceeded. Our dedicated Colorado Springs roofing teams are standing by to do free roof inspections, answer your roofing questions, and help explain the insurance claims process.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, breathtaking summers (literally), we enjoy roofing Colorado Springs year round. The winters are made up of a nice blend of cold and snowy days dropped in between fairly warm mild days making both roofing and painting possible year round. Since our focus is on serving our Colorado clients, we are available to meet your needs when you need us.

Colorado Springs is ranked by US News and World Report as being the fifth best place to live in the United States. For those of us who live here, we rank it number one. A midsize city of nearly 420,000 with over 680,000 when you add in the surrounding areas, it has an amazingly small town feel. Proud of its history but looking forward, Colorado Springs is more than just a pretty face. Gorgeous views of Pikes Peak at every turn are the backdrop for vibrant social and cultural activities and families working and living together with respect and honor.

Our strong military presence helps define the personality of our city. With the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson ARMY Base, Peterson Airforce Base, Schriever Airforce Base and NORAD Command Center all situated in our city, Colorado Springs is filled with brave men and women who serve our country and our community well. Whether deployed or present here, they and their families make up the heartbeat of our great city and it is an honor to serve them well. Many members of our own Integrity Team are active or former military.

We invite you to stop by our office, two blocks south of the Olympic Training Center, just east of downtown. We welcome your visit to meet us or ask any questions about your roofing project over a cup of coffee. We look forward to seeing you.

The In’s & Out’s of Roofing in Colorado Springs

The heart of our city sits at 6,035 feet with much of the city and surrounding areas being even higher. When roofing in Colorado Springs, awareness of the effects of the elevation and environment on the roof construction is critical. For example, certain components like Ice and Water Shield are needed in greater amounts to counter the buildup of snow and ice in the winter. Pikes Peak Regional Building Department has additional code requirements for roofs built that are over 7000 feet in elevation. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is very familiar with these local codes and build our roofs to meet and exceed local codes.

Strong winds and fast moving storms blow into town quickly. Our Colorado Springs roofing project managers and office personnel carefully monitor the weather radar during each build and protect our clients by never removing too large of a section of the old roof. We use 6 nails per shingle to give the shingles extra wind resistance. The local code requires only 4 nails per shingle, but we find the extra effort creates a much stronger roof in our Integrity Roofing System. Roofing in our environment requires extra TLC. That is where we thrive! As proud members of our community, we build roofs and relationships to last!

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King's Deer Roofer

Integrity Roofing and Painting has been servicing King's Deer for nearly a decade. Many of our neighbors know that we make roof replacements easy. Integrity Roofing and Painting will be here before and after the storm. Contact us at 719-488-2800 to discuss your roofing needs.